Monday, April 28, 2014

Firefighters used Fido Bag to save goose stung by bees

Firefighters in Queen Creek, Arizona, used a Fido Bag to save a goose that had been stung during a bee attack.

Firefighters responded to a bee call after eight people were stung. The firefighters foamed the bees, which were very aggressive.

While on the property, which is home to various livestock, firefighters flipped over a tyre and found a goose covered in bees, according to Ashton Caudle with the Queen Creek Fire Department. He said the goose was lethargic.

Firefighters hosed the goose off then Caudle gave it oxygen from the Fido Bag. "The goose came around and started honking more," Caudle said. Creek Fire Department received their Fido Bags less than six weeks ago. A Fido Bag includes an oxygen mask, bandages, leashes, burn sheets, rinsing saline and other items.

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