Monday, April 21, 2014

Chinese firefighter carried flaming propane cylinder from building

A firefighter in China took his job to a new level by carrying a burning propane cylinder from a destroyed restaurant with flames shooting out beside his head.

Huangpu Jiangwu hugged the burning cylinder as he removed it from the restaurant in Wuhan, Hubei province.

It's not known why Huanpu decided to carry the burning cylinder from the restaurant, which by that stage was already badly damaged.

YouTube link.

Another firefighter carrying a hose behind his daring colleague then managed to miss the bottle and instead drench Huangpu with water.


nauip said...

What's with the drizzle coming out of the fire hose? The hose appears to have pressure. That's just too weird.

Anonymous said...

Good grief! He's carrying a bomb! Remember the Russian video of the CNG truck that overturned and the canisters caught fire? Every few seconds a canister would either explode or take off like a rocket?