Monday, April 28, 2014

Cricket team bowled out for just three runs

A cricket team were humiliated after only scoring three runs between them.

Ten Wirral Cricket Club batsmen were out for ducks, only the number 11 troubled the scorers, with the other runs coming from two leg byes.

It left Wirral some way short of the 109 they needed to beat Haslington in a Cheshire League Division Three fixture. At one point Wirral were 0-8 after six overs before the pair of extras and Connor Hobson - who finished one not out - dragged the innings out until the 10th over.

Unsurprisingly, Haslington needed only two bowlers. Ben Istead captured six wickets in his five overs for the concession of the solitary run, while new ball partner Tom Gledhill returned a rather economical 4-0 from 4.2 overs. While an embarrassing loss, it was not a world record lowest score - Somerset club Langport were dismissed for zero against Glastonbury in a 1913 match.

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BoS said...

Complete gibberish. Cricket is stupid.