Monday, April 28, 2014

Speargun used in road rage attack

A man and a woman have been taken into police custody following a dramatic road-rage incident in Labrador on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia, where a speargun was fired. The incident is thought to have occurred following an altercation at shops at about 10am on Sunday.

Initial reports suggest a 32-year-old man approached a parked car and allegedly punched one of the occupants in the face, splitting his lip. A witness said the man then ran around to the passenger side of a vehicle being driven by a 27-year-old female, where he grabbed a speargun to threaten the occupants of the other car.

It is alleged the female driver then drove at the victim, who was now standing outside, forcing him to jump out of the way. Both parties then left the scene in their respective vehicles. The 32-year-old male and the 27-year-old female pursued the other car through the streets of the Gold Coast for about 20 minutes, allegedly discharging the spear gun and throwing a crowbar during the chase.

The man and woman also allegedly rammed the other car, shattering its windows. It is thought around this time is when the victims pulled over and called the police. The offending vehicle was later located, where a 27-year-old woman was taken into custody. A 32-year-old man was found a short time after that and he was also taken into custody.

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