Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Deer smashed into elderly woman's house before jumping on top of her in bed

A deer crashed through the window of a woman's home in Pittsburgh's Highland Park on Sunday, destroying furniture, breaking glass, and even jumping onto the woman's bed.

Brian Jones said he was dropping off his friend from church at the home and saw neighbours standing outside staring. "We come pulling up and we see a bunch of people here, and they said, 'A deer just jumped through the window!'" Jones said. Jones was worried because his friend's elderly mother was alone inside.

He ran into her room and found the deer on top of her in the bed. "I was scared she was going to get hooved," Jones said. "He was destroying the house. There was blood everywhere. It looks like a murder scene." He estimated the deer was a buck weighing close to 180 pounds.

YouTube link.

Jones said he chased the deer around the house, but it couldn't get out because the door was closed. "Then it got to a point where he was laying down. I was petting him, trying to get him calm, and I just picked him up and carried him out the door," Jones said. Witnesses said the buck then ran up the street with what appeared to be a broken leg. The woman in the home was shaken up, but not hurt.

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