Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Man claims meteorite broke his Buick

A man from Kettering, Ohio, believes a meteorite hit his car early on Sunday morning. Joe Massa said he was driving home when his Buick was struck by something at around 2 am.

Out of the corner of his eye, he said, "I could see something. It was a light, shadow, a beam of light, small. Within a split second, something hit me, the front of the car was pushed over into the far left lane." Massa said there was a big flash when it hit.

"It was like a silent pop," Massa said, "then there was pressure in the car. I could feel pressure in my ears, like the air had changed in the car, in a split second." Massa said he pulled over immediately to see if he hit a deer, a dog, or something else. He found nothing, except the damage to the right-front bumper.

Massa said he got off at the next exit and went to a gas station where he met with a West Chester police officer and a trooper with the Ohio Highway Patrol. The dent in the bumper seems to show a downward motion, as if something fell from the sky and struck it. "What are the chances of this happening?" said Massa, "The West Chester police officer told me it's 1 in 275 million!"


Anonymous said...

Okay, I want to see the insurance claim form!


soubriquet said...

I'm so impressed that West Chester police officers are experts in statistical probability.

Williamrocket said...

He was just an unusual police officer in that he was smart enough to work out that there are 275 million odd people in the USA and that, most probably, this was the only bloke that had had his car hit by a rock from space.
My use of the word odd was intentional.