Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dog that had pipe on head captured after being seen running around with a steak in his mouth

A dog in Oconee County, South Carolina, that freed himself from a piece of metal ductwork that was stuck on his head has been captured. "Piper" is a dog that was seen roaming the area for a week, unable to get water easily or eat because of the pipe stuck on his head.

Volunteers with Upstate Animal Rescue Foundation, local veterinarians and animal control officers had worked for days to set traps to catch Piper, who was afraid of people and would run off into the woods when anyone would get within dozens of yards of him. Rescuers said they could not get close enough to Piper to shoot him with a tranquilizer gun without him running off.

Neighbours said they could see Piper on Monday morning running around with a steak in his mouth. Oconee County Animal Control officers went out and confirmed Piper was seen without the pipe on his head. Piper was captured on Monday at around 8:15pm and animal control say he is in good health but very tired.

A spokesperson for animal control said they will neuter him, get him updated with shots and other care. They said they are grateful for the overwhelming response of people wanting to help, but they said Piper is only familiar with a few people in the area and it made it difficult to catch him. One local resident has developed a rapport with Piper and that is believed what aided in his capture. The man now hopes to adopt Piper. It is not known how the pipe was removed from Piper's head.

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