Thursday, May 15, 2014

Ghost of Michael Jackson spotted in photo taken at live tribute show

When 14-year-old Reece Saava went to the Churchill Theatre in Bromley, south east London last Saturday, the last thing he expected to come across was the ghost of Michael Jackson.

However he went home with photographic evidence of the king of pop's return from the grave at a Michael Jackson live tribute show. Reece's mother, Angela, 54, was at the show with her son. She said: "It is certainly very spooky to say the least.

"The image is so clear. Sometimes you can see these things in photos, it is an image of something but you are almost willing it to be something else. But you look at that and it is clearly a face and it does look like Michael Jackson.

"And the fact it was a Michael Jackson event and there he was makes it all the more eerie. My son does not normally take very well to this sort of thing so I have been trying to play it down." In the photo, Jackson's ghost is seemingly peering over the shoulder of a Michael Jackson impersonator.


Brixter said...

The 'ghost' looks like a smiling girl and it's too obvious.

BoS said...

Not ugly enough to be that person's ghost.

Anonymous said...

the last thing the 14-year old expected to come across was the ghost of Michael Jackson.

ah, but did Michael Jackson expect to come across a 14 year old?