Thursday, May 15, 2014

Two-year-old girl bitten by wolf at Belgrade Zoo

A two-year-old girl was bitten by a baby wolf at a Serbian zoo while its owner was distracted on a mobile phone. The young girl was strolling down a pathway with her family at Belgrade Zoo last month when the attack occurred and footage has only just been released.

"It is a polar wolf that was manually brought up and fed, it is not aggressive and acts like a dog," Vuk Bojovic, the zoo's director said. "Any individual that is aggressive is not released from its cage. We have been in contact with parents and we will offer help if needed."

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Mr Bojovic said the wolf, which is about 10-months-old, was in an area of the zoo designated for "baby" animals and walking cubs on leashes is a common practice. Security vision of the incident shows the girl being led by her hand down a paved walkway when she comes across a wolf cub on a leash.

The child and animal momentarily lock eyes before the beast lunges at the girl without warning. The girl was briefly lifted into the air in a desperate tug of war between the guardian and the wolf, biting her before being restrained by its handler and bystanders. The child was taken to hospital where she spent two days being treated for bumps and bruises a a minor cut to the back.

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