Thursday, May 29, 2014

Shoppers surprised by wandering alligator

Shoppers in North Charleston, South Carolina, were shocked to see an alligator in a parking lot at Tanger Outlets on Tuesday evening.

Danielle McAdory said she was coming out of the Verizon store at around 7:15pm when she noticed a gator at the Hardees parking lot.

"I thought it was strange that a gator could make it that far inland and I was hoping animal control wasn't going to shoot it," McAdory said.

YouTube link.

The gator attempted to crawl to the main road, but police managed to block the animal. Officers with the North Charleston Police Department were able to capture the gator at around 8:30pm. The gator was then placed in the back of a truck before being transported to the Goose Creek reservoir where it was released.


Anonymous said...

I love how they are all standing close to the alligator. Especially the one holding the child. People are more concerned with taking pictures and video than they are about their safety.

BoS said...

They should've sent for this guy: