Saturday, May 24, 2014

Worker stuck to floor suing contractor for nearly $1 million

A subcontractor in Lake Oswego, Oregon, who says he walked across an office building's floor only to discover another subcontractor had removed the carpet but not the glue is suing the general contractor for $985,000.

Buckley R. Purdy claims in his suit that he strained both knees and a hip getting himself out of the sticky situation. The suit states that on June 15, 2012, he was tearing down drywall and framing as part of a remodeling job when he walked across the sticky floor.

The strains to his knees required surgery, according to the suit, which was filed this week in Multnomah County Circuit Court. Purdy faults general contractor Bremik Construction of Southeast Portland for allegedly providing an unsafe work environment.

Purdy, who worked for subcontractor Commercial Interior Contractors Inc., is seeking $600,000 for past and future medical expenses and wages. He is also seeking $385,000 for pain, suffering and his loss of enjoyment in activities that are no longer possible for him.

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