Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bootcamp for obese rabbit

A well-fed bunny has been put on a strict bootcamp-style programme of diet and exercise after weighing-in at a hefty 3.65kg.

Obese rescue rabbit Snowball’s weight has grown to that of a large baby’s after being spoilt by his well-meaning owners the Crumps, from Rainham, east London.

The five-year-old rabbit - ironically a dwarf lop - was badly malnourished when first spotted by the family-of-six in a pet store window. “It was love at first sight,” said Ian Crump. “He was very underweight when he first arrived at our home. He’s a very affectionate rabbit, which led to the whole family spoiling him rotten.”

But too many treats meant Snowball’s waistline has ballooned to 44cm and he is now 35 per cent overweight. However, this is all set to change after Snowball’s owners signed him up to the PDSA Pet Fit Club, based at the Romford PDSA PetAid hospital, where he will undergo a six-month lifestyle overhaul.

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