Thursday, June 19, 2014

Romanian Church patriarch mocked for paint-roller blessing

The leader of Romania's Orthodox church has been mocked for using a paint-roller dipped in holy oil to bless new TV and radio studios.

Patriarch Daniel unleashed his unusual technique as he inaugurated the studios of church-owned Trinitas Radio and Television.

Carrying out a traditional blessing service, he moved through offices and studios with the roller on the end of a long pole.

A church spokesman later said that it's not the first time Patriarch Daniel had used the "sanctification rod", one of a number of tools of his trade, as it helps anoint rooms with higher walls and ceilings which would otherwise be difficult to reach.


Anonymous said...

The use of a modern tool for anointing a building is common place. Maybe the bishop should ride around in a horse & buggy?

Williamrocket said...

I am not sure which is most stupid, using a roller to apply holy water, believing in holy water, or letting a man wearing a funny hat and a dress into your building.
I feel lucky that I have a functioning brain.

Anonymous said...

Ah religion, duping the rubes for thousands of years.