Sunday, June 15, 2014

Elderly lady rescued after getting vehicle stuck on wires

A woman had to be rescued from her minivan after she was suspended in the vehicle on the guy wires of a utility pole, in Riverhead, New York, on Friday morning.

78-year-old Priscilla Chumak of Hampton Bays was trapped in the vehicle for nearly an hour before being rescued by firefighters.

It appears Ms Chumak was attempting to make a left-hand turn at about 7:45am when it left the road and struck the cable. "It just happened to stabilize right in the middle of the guy wire," said Riverhead Fire Department Chief Joe Raynor.

YouTube link.

Riverhead Fire Department Heavy Rescue responded with a tow truck to keep the car stable while firefighters guided her out of the car with a forklift. Ms Chumak was uninjured during the incident.

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