Friday, June 20, 2014

Man attempting to hold down mattress in back of pick-up truck went airborne along with it

A man is recovering in a Shreveport, Louisiana, hospital after flying out of the back of a pick-up truck along with the mattress he was trying to hold down.

Police say that at around 12:30pm on Thursday a man was riding in the back of pick-up truck on top of a mattress and box spring on I-49. The mattress went airborne, and the man flew out of the truck with it. He landed in the highway and rolled into a concrete barrier wall on the shoulder.

The man was trying to hold the mattress and box spring down because they were not tied down. The man, who has not been identified by police, was taken to University Health with non-life-threatening injuries. Police believe he sustained road rash and a possible fracture or two.

Officers are still investigating this incident, and it is not yet known if citations will be issued. This incident slowed traffic for a while. Police remind residents that items in the back of a truck should be properly secured. Officers also pointed out that a human being isn't going to be able to hold down a mattress if it goes airborne.


Williamrocket said...

An elephant won't hold down a mattress if it goes airborne either.
Neither would a 6,000 tonne truck, the mattress has gone airborne, ipso fatso, American police officers score below average on the doughnut scale of smarts.

arbroath said...

Hahaha! :)