Friday, June 20, 2014

Men stole 7,095 pennies from one of their mother-in-law's piggy banks to buy heroin

Two men from Middletown, Connecticut, who carried more than 7,000 pennies into a grocery store to be cashed in are accused of stealing most of them from a family member.

Police arrested 46-year-old Ramon Rivera and 43-year-old Hector Sampel, saying the pennies were reportedly stolen from Sampel's mother-in-law.

Sampel's mother-in-law said when she returned home her back door was broken and the only thing missing were two large piggy banks full of change.

The men reportedly put 7,095 pennies, a $1 bill, $0.60 in dimes and five nickels into the machine. Police said they cashed in the change for about $65. The 7,095 pennies weighed nearly 40 pounds. Police said after the two men cashed in the coins, they went straight to a drug dealer to buy heroin.

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