Friday, July 25, 2014

Men with and without underpants stole food from restaurant

Three men broke into a beach front restaurant in Bonita Springs, Florida, wearing nothing but their underpants and birthday suits.

Lou Bangert, general manager of Doc's Beach House, was at home on Sunday when his kitchen staff called him and asked him to check the restaurant's security footage from overnight. "I see the door open and three guys come in, and I go 'oh my god, these guys don't have any clothes on!'" Bangert said.

Besides one thief wearing a pair of tighty whities, the three burglars didn't have a stitch of clothing on them. Bangert says they broke in a little after 3am on Sunday and rifled around the food storage area for about 5 minutes. "They took three cases of hamburgers, three red peppers, and some bacon that was cooked up, and then they left," Bangert said.

YouTube link.

Bangert says the naked crooks saw that they were being filmed by one camera, so they moved it. But apparently they didn't notice another security camera that had an even better angle. It appears that they fled south on foot down the beach, leaving a little trail. Anyone with information on the identities and whereabouts of the suspects is asked to call Crime Stoppers.

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