Thursday, July 24, 2014

Prison visitor caught with veritable array of items up his backside

Correctional officers in Brazil were surprised at the amount of equipment that a visitor hid in his backside to try to deliver to an inmate in the prison at Ribeirao das Neves.

André Silva de Jesus, 35, was arrested with two mobile phones, two batteries, pliers, two drill bits, eight pieces of hacksaw blade, five nails and three sim cards.

All the materials were in the anus of the suspect, who presented a medical certificate saying he wore a pacemaker, and therefore could not go through an x-ray machine. André Silva appeared nervous, which alerted the prison guards.

The Military Police were called to record the occurrence. It was not clear which inmate was to receive the material. In a statement the Secretariat for Prison Administration confirmed the incident and said that the general direction of the prison "opened an internal procedure to determine what happened."

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