Thursday, July 24, 2014

School would like 75-year-old man to desist from repeatedly pooing on campus pole

A high school in Fort Smith, Arkansas, wants a man to stop defecating on a pole on their campus, a problem they say has been happening for years. "It's not something that is very appropriate at all," said Northside Assistant Principal Chris Carter.

Security video from the high school captured a man on campus early on Monday morning. The video shows the man walking to a pole near one of the school entrances, dropping his pants and then doing his business on the pole. "It tends to be that he goes to one particular pole located in our breeze way," While most people would be shocked, the assistant principal says they've been dealing with this person defecating on school property for years. "We've been dealing with this issue I guess since about 2002," said Carter.

Police arrested 75-year-old Jerry Ross from Fort Smith. He is now facing a felony charge of indecent exposure. According to court records, Ross, served a year in the Sebastian County Detention Center in 2007 and another year behind bars in 2013 for the same charge, but in the previous cases they were misdemeanor charges. Ross was previously banned from the school's property but he keeps coming back. "It's not something that we're going to tolerate.

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"Just because there's no students here and there may not be any teachers here, that doesn't mean that somebody's not watching," said Carter. The school has approximately 85 surveillance cameras on campus that record continuously. According to court records, when Ross was sentenced in 2013 the jury recommended that he receive counselling, although no records show that Ross actually attended any counselling sessions. Ross is being held in the Sebastian County Detention Center. His bond has been set at $10,000.

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Oh my god. That's where I went to high school. I about died laughing reading this, you certainly made my night