Thursday, August 28, 2014

Firefighters rescued puppy with head stuck in wheel

Firefighters in Houston, Texas, came to the aid of a young puppy with it's head stuck in a wheel, which a a frantic good Samaritan who'd dropped it off had found next to the dumpster at her apartment complex.

It would take firefighters more than an hour to free the frightened dog. The rescue operation was no easy feat. "We tried to put soap on the side of its head, wet its head slide it out. It wouldn't come out.", said Senior Capt. Gregory Leonard.

So they dug into their arsenal of rescue tools instead. Firefighters tried to keep the puppy, a black lab mix which they named Lugnut, calm while they carefully went to work. "We really cut very carefully because any kind of pressure on the dog's neck could have snapped its neck or killed it," Leonard said.

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They tried using a saw but the sound the vibrations frightened her. In the end, it was the Jaws of Life that did the trick. "We all love pets and we didn't want the dog to get hurt at all," Leonard said.

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Williamrocket said...

I am so glad that you know the difference between a tyre and a wheel.
The U.S.A., when it went independent, decided to change the spelling of lots of words, in an effort to become 'different' from the places all it's people had come from, their history.