Monday, December 28, 2015

Australian fisherman has proudly invented a luxury toilet for the ladies who travel on his boat

A fisherman in Australia's Northern Territory says he has “changed the landscape of the Darwin Harbour” with his new all-terrain toilet.

The sight of someone’s white backside poking over the edge of the boat as they go about their business could become a thing of the past thanks to the man’s invention – The Bog Master 1000.

Humpty Doo resident Darren “Grosey” Grose was determined to make life easier for female passengers on board his boat. Grosey said he and his mates usually used a bucket but he felt there was more of a need for comfort with women on board.

So he set about creating the Bog Master in his shed. “I went into the shed and got a pool noodle and we usually use a bucket anyway but I put the pool noodle on it,” he said. “They (the women) actually used it, they sat on the back of the boat and used it, and the lads stood at the front, faced away and sung the national anthem.”

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Anonymous said...

L.O.L. This guy makes me laugh. I read the whole thing in a deep Australian accent. Love it. Thanks.