Saturday, December 26, 2015

Elderly lady allegedly stockpiled her urine so she could dump it on neighbour's house

For months, a 69-year-old Indiana woman urinated in a bucket so that she could throw the waste on the home of a next-door neighbour whom she disliked, police report. Jackie VanTyle was charged on Monday with a pair of misdemeanor criminal mischief counts for the alleged urine attack on the property in Lynn, a town about 80 miles east of Indianapolis.

According to court records, victim Joseph Basler contacted police two months ago to report suspicions that VanTyle had been dousing his home’s exterior with urine. A patrolman noted that "a very strong odour of urine hit me" upon arriving at Basler’s residence. Additionally, Officer Travis Jones noted damaged siding made it “obvious something was thrown on the house.”

In a bid to capture the urine tosser in the act, Basler installed a hidden camera that eventually recorded VanTyle twice “throwing a liquid on his house.” When confronted by police, VanTyle initially denied dousing her neighbour’s home, but subsequently admitted to the vandalism, police say. VanTyle admitted that, for several months, she had been urinating in a blue bucket. When Basler would leave his house, she would toss the waste on his home.

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As for why she went to such extremes, VanTyle told police, "I don't like him. He's a bad neighbour." During the October police interview, “Jackie also advised she had been doing this all summer,” according to a Lynn Police Department report. When told by an officer that she could be jailed for the urine tossing, VanTyle “stated to the effect that she thought it was just a nuisance.” VanTyle is scheduled for a January 12 appearance in Randolph County Superior Court.

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