Saturday, December 26, 2015

Woman who sent black roses and karma note to ex-employer charged with harassment

A woman from York County, Pennsylvania, who allegedly sent black roses and a card reading "karma" to her former boss has been charged with harassment.

Dana L. Grim, 41, of Thomasville, was charged with the summary count earlier this week and has been summoned to appear in court to face it at a later date.

New Holland police say Grim sent the flowers to her former employer in Earl Township, Lancaster County, through a local florist. Authorities say Grim admitted to sending the bouquet and accompanying card in speaking with officers. Police have not identified the recipient.

But the ex-employer reportedly felt so threatened by the flowers, after researching their meaning, that they contacted the authorities. Black roses, which do not exist in nature, have been used to symbolise death or revenge traditionally. The conditions or terms of Grim's departure from the business are also unclear.


Ratz said...

To be honest, I think they look quite nice. I can't imagine they're cheap either. If someone wanted to waste that kind of money on me, feel free.

Anonymous said...

What Ratz said.

Even more expensive are the _plaid_ roses.

(Yes, suffering post-holiday flashes of insanity.)


xoxoxoBruce said...

There was no direct threat.
Any threat implied by black roses, is internet/dime novel fantasy, with no standing in the courtroom. Perhaps the recipient's conscience prompts his paranoia.

Tapejara said...

@xoxoxoBruce That's like saying there's no direct threat from finding a horse's head in your bed. In both cases, the point of them is to intimidate the recipient, either as a precursor to further action, or in the hope that the anxiety induced will cause harm on its own. It's not an 'evil roses' superstition equivalent to 'lucky heather'. But even if it were, it could still be seen as right to call it harrassment.

P.S. Nowhere in the article does it say the recipient was a "his". Does this assumption reflect your own paranoia about men in the workplace? :-D