Saturday, December 26, 2015

Man who smashed car through two businesses was trying to travel through time

Three businesses in Pensacola, Florida, are moving to new offices after a car drove through two of them. A Dodge Challenger ploughed through Advanced Tax Services, taking out a wall connecting Pensacola Caskets.

Both offices have been closed since the crash. "It looked like a bomb went off," said general manager Emanuel Mores. Mores said office chairs and debris were scattered everywhere. Mores said the tax and casket offices were empty when the car smashed through the building.

Police said the driver told them he was trying to 'travel through time.' "I was mad, then eventually I was happy no one was hurt. You know that was my biggest concern cause, you know, if anyone was hurt, anybody could have died or whatever," Mores said.

Mores added that the tax office will move next door the casket business will move to an address nearby. Both businesses said they hope to be open after Christmas. Pensacola police said the driver has been issued a citation for reckless driving and is in the hospital for evaluation.


Anonymous said...

I guess he forgot to calibrate his flux capacitor.

Fester said...

Advanced Tax Services next door to Pensacola Caskets.
Proof again there are only two certainties in life.
And here, for your convenience, they cut out the middle man.