Sunday, December 27, 2015

Woman who cruised store on motorised cart consuming sushi, chicken and wine arrested

A Florida woman ate sushi, cinnamon rolls and the majority of a rotisserie chicken, drinking wine while driving a motorised shopping cart at a Walmart, according to the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office. She was arrested for shoplifting and other charges.

It happened at the Lecanto Walmart on Tuesday. Citrus deputies responded after the store loss prevention employee contacted them about an alleged shoplifter he had in custody. The employee told deputies that he had noticed the woman acting suspiciously driving the motorised shopping card. He could see a half-empty bottle of wine in her cart.

He also said he watched her grab a box of sushi from the shelf, eat a piece and put the box back. She did the same with cinnamon rolls and mini muffins. He also saw her eat the majority of a rotisserie chicken while on the shopping floor. The woman, Josseleen Elida Lopez, 20, consumed $32.36 worth of food and wine while at the store, including cinnamon rolls, mini muffins, two bottles of S. Home wine and a rotisserie chicken with sauce.

When the deputies arrested her, they found two empty syringes, one in her purse and one in her backpack. She told detectives she had used the syringes to shoot up meth earlier. When they asked her why she took the food she said she was hungry and didn’t want to take it outside of the store. She told them she knew that what she was doing was wrong. She was arrested on shoplifting and drug paraphernalia charges.


Anonymous said...

"the store loss prevention employee"

Gee. We used to call this guy (almost always a guy) the "store detective" or "store dick."

Language today has lost so much trope.


xoxoxoBruce said...

Longer title = lower pay.