Saturday, January 16, 2016

Attempts to smuggle drugs inside fake carrots and on a sledge foiled by authorities

US Customs and Border Protection agents found half a million dollars' worth of marijuana disguised as carrots earlier this week. On Sunday, they stopped a tractor-trailer at the Pharr International Bridge along the Texas-Mexico border near the Gulf of Mexico.

Mixed in with real carrots, they found more than 2,800 orange, carrot-shaped packages. Inside those packages there were nearly 2,500 pounds of marijuana with a street value of $499,000, officials said. The case is under investigation by agents of Homeland Security Investigations.

Meanwhile, a Canadian man was arrested while pulling a sledge carrying more than 180 pounds of prescription pills across the border into the US. 21-year-old Cedrik Bourgault-Morin was apprehended early on Wednesday after he crossed the border from Quebec along a railroad line into North Troy, Vermont.

Prosecutors say Bourgault-Morin was wearing white camouflage and border patrol agents were alerted to his presence when he triggered a sensor. Prosecutors say agents found 300 vacuum-sealed bags of anti-anxiety Xanax pills in a duffel bag on the sled. They say the pills had a street value of $1.6m. Bourgault-Morin is being held in a Vermont prison.

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WilliamRocket said...

180 pounds Canadian, how much is that in dollars USA ?