Thursday, January 21, 2016

Man says he has been forced to buy a kitten to deal with mice caused by dumped rubbish

A man says has been forced to buy a kitten to help him get rid of mice running wild through his house. Richard Welburn, 59, moved into his home in Victoria Avenue, west Hull, last March, but says the area is plagued by rodents. Along with the mice, Mr Welburn has seen rats outside his house, attracted by heaps of rubbish piled up.

The problem is so bad he has had to buy a kitten, called Lucky Ten, to chase out the pests. "There are some empty houses down the avenue and rats moved into the one next door," he said. Mice are now coming into my house all the time. I have had enough. At the back of my house is a tenfoot, and people have been throwing rubbish in there. It attracts rats and nothing has been done about it." Fly-tippers have left items including bags full of rubbish and an old mattress.

"It is not very nice to live here because of all the rubbish that is around the back of the house now," he said. "I had liked living here and have got brilliant neighbours, but there are a lot of empty houses causing a lot of problems. I'm seriously considering moving out because of all the problems there's been." Mr Welburn now hopes Lucky Ten will help him scare off the mice so he can stay in his home. "I have had to get a little kitten to help try and get rid of all the mice I have had in my house," he said.

"Nowt seems to be going on to help me get rid of them. It's been a bit of a nightmare and I don't know what to do next." Mr Welburn said he had phoned Hull City Council but had no response. A Hull City Council spokesperson said: "I am sorry that Mr Welburn has had difficulties contacting the council. Having checked our data, there is no record of anyone registering a complaint relating to Victoria Avenue and we always investigate reports of fly-tipping."


Anonymous said...

Silly man, he doesn't know how to pick mousers. He should have gone to the RSPCA (I think that's what you have in the UK) and gotten the cat with the most scars on his/her face. You know, a cat with a torn ear and big paws with claws of eviscerating death.

xoxoxoBruce said...

Yes, one with bloodshot eyes and hairy knuckles.

shak said...

Bruce, You are so funny.