Thursday, January 21, 2016

Spitting builders reprimanded for leaving phlegm on path outside elderly couple's home

Builders have been reprimanded by their bosses after spitting outside an elderly couple's home. Work is currently underway to create 123 homes in the High Ford area of Sunderland, Wearside, by housing group Gentoo. John Makin, who lives nearby has become enraged by builders who he says have repeatedly ‘left the contents of their throats’ on the path outside his garden gate. Mr Makin, 79, says his partially-sighted wife Eileen, 78, stood in some of the spit and phlegm on her way home last week, and it ended up being trodden into their house.

That was the last straw for the couple, who had spoken with bosses at Gentoo in the previous weeks. Now bosses have put signs up reminding builders not to spit outside people’s homes. Mr Makin said: “Over the last few weeks, some of the builders have been coming up the path and leaving the contents of their throat and chest right next to my gate. I spoke to one of the site managers and he said he would sort it out, but it continued. It’s disgusting. They are doing what they want and leaving a mess on the path outside our home.

“The path is closed off when the builders aren’t working on the new-build, and it’s only them who are using it, so it’s definitely them who are doing it. The path is in a disgusting state.I’m sick of them phlegmming and throwing it down on the path.” The Makins’ home is next to a gate used by builders to reach the site of the new-builds, and only those working there have passed there over recent months. Following complaints from the couple, a notice was put on the gate by bosses at Gentoo, telling the workers to “be courteous and respect people’s properties”, and warning them not to spit on the footpaths.

They were also warned the gate would be put permanently out of use if it continued. Mr Makin added: “It has happened on several occasions in the last three or four weeks. I’ve sent emails and the site manager has put up a sign warning the workers about it. We’re both nearly 80, and can do without this.” The workers have been left in no doubt that their actions were ‘unacceptable’ by their bosses. Ian Porter, executive director of assets and investment for Gentoo Group, said: “This type of behaviour is unacceptable and those working on-site have been spoken to.”

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Men are real pigs for doing this. What the hell is wrong with them.