Thursday, January 14, 2016

Mayor led Sheriff on wild car chase

A wild car chase ensued through the streets of Portsmouth, Virginia, on Tuesday night as Sheriff Bill Watson pursued Mayor Kenny Wright. It happened moments after the city council meeting ended. Sheriff Watson was at City Hall to hear about Council member Bill Moody being fined $1,500 for speaking about council happenings outside of a closed door meeting.

“I don’t know where they think they get the authority to fine anybody. They are not in the judicial system. They are not law enforcement officers. They have no authority to fine anybody,” said Watson. While in the parking garage, Sheriff Watson came across the mayor's expired inspection sticker - seven months past due.

Sheriff Bill Watson went to issue a citation to Mayor Kenny Wright for the expired inspection sticker but the mayor refused to stop for the citation and drove out of the City Hall underground parking garage. Mayor Wright later stopped outside the parking garage but when confronted by the sheriff, said, "Get away from me, Sheriff" and sped off down the street. A car chase ensued. During the chase, several Portsmouth police officers joined in the pursuit.

When the chase ended, the officers assisted the sheriff to resolve the issue. “He was on the phone calling the police chief trying to do something about me stopping him,” said Watson. In the end, Sheriff Watson issued Mayor Wright a citation for his expired inspection sticker. The Mayor is scheduled to be in court on February 24. “I could have charged him with evading, I chose not to do that. I wrote him for an expired inspection sticker as I would any other citizen. He’s got to follow the same law as any other citizen,” said Watson.

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Anonymous said...

"He’s got to follow the same law as any other citizen,” said Watson.

And yet he was not held accountable for speeding away from the sheriff. The sheriff pussed out on that, and he shouldn't. Sheriffs are elected officials and neither the mayor not the chief of police could have done anything to him for holding the mayor accountable. Weak.

Amy said...

Wait a minute, something's wrong here. A black man was chased by the cops and NOT shot and killed?

Was this in Canada?