Monday, January 18, 2016

Mouse seen lurking beneath the cheese in store

Michael Page was in a Tesco convenience store in Doncaster, south Yorkshire, at around 8pm last Monday when a spotted a little mouse scurrying around amongst the butter and cheese in a fridge. The 39-year-old said: “I was just coming back from my partner’s salon when I called into the petrol station to fill up and pick up a few bits and bobs.

“I was just wondering around the store, thinking what to buy when I noticed the mouse scurrying around. Where the mouse was there was an empty space and what looked like reminiscence of something that looked like salad. But it just seemed strange that there was nothing there, like they moved things because they had a problem or something.

“I then went up to the checkouts and said to the supervisor ‘sorry mate, you’ve got a mouse in the fridge’. I showed him where it was an he looked really concerned, he then just got on the phone and went off into the back. It was just such a bizarre situation. Had I seen it on the floor I would have been shocked, but I could have accepted that it wandered in off the street, but to see it in the fridge was something I didn’t expect to see.

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“Loads of people must have walked past it and not noticed it.” Mr Page, from Doncaster, said he then began to film the mouse in the fridge to show his girlfriend. A Tesco spokesperson said, “We’re committed to ensuring all our stores meet the highest standards of cleanliness. A pest control company has visited our Bessacarr Express store, caught the mouse and found no evidence of further problems.”

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