Monday, January 18, 2016

Puppy stuck in railings rescued by firefighters

Firefighters saved a puppy from park railings in Oxted, Surrey.

Springer spaniel Milly got herself wedged in the metal bars of a gate during her first adventure to Master Park on Tuesday. Just days after her last vaccination, she got a little bit too excited chasing after her ball.

Surrey Fire and Rescue Service were then called to the scene, with reports of a “dog stuck in the railings in the children's play area”.On-call firefighters from Oxted fire station attended the park shortly before 2pm.

Firefighter Mikael Kaiser used the team's rescue tools to cut through one of the bars and set her free. He was dubbed “the hero of the hour” in what was his first 'rescue' since joining the Unit. The team said he “reunited a very relieved little girl” with her pooch.

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