Sunday, January 10, 2016

Shoplifter stopped with five bags of frozen shrimp in his pants

Police in Georgia are searching for a man who was caught on surveillance video trying to steal frozen shrimp by hiding them in his pants. It happened at around noon on Friday at a Dollar General store in Albany.

According to a report, a store employee saw a man putting bags of shrimp inside his waistband. The manager confronted the man, and said she heard a "crunch" from his waistband when stopped.

The suspect eventually gave up five bags of Sea Best frozen shrimp that were tucked inside his pants. The manager went to call 911, and that's when the suspect ran away from the store.

Police are searching for a black man, described as 5'9" tall and about 150 pounds, wearing a yellow, white, and blue plaid shirt with a white undershirt. Anyone with information is asked to call Albany Police.

With short news video.

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