Sunday, January 10, 2016

Lady filmed reversing her car from driveway

Some inhabitants of Queensland, Australia, were provided with an evening's entertainment when their neighbour tried to reverse out of her driveway.

The residents of a suburban Sunshine State street watched through their window as their neighbour made several shocking attempts at reversing.

While the driver in the video does not seem to possess ample skill to begin with, to make matters worse she has to deal with a telegraph pole in the centre of the drive. "Did she just hit it?" one of the neighbours asks off camera gleefully. "Yeah, she did. I felt – I heard it crinch," another says.

Initially I though the sun had set during this until realising the camera had been moved behind a smoked-glass window.

YouTube link.

The hapless driver made several attempts to get out but only makes more of a mess of things. At one point in the near-10 minute driveway fiasco, the car ended up almost horizontal and still brushed up against the pole. It filled the neighbours with mirth each time the woman reversed before aborting. The neighbour says the woman has lived there around six months.


Anonymous said...

How's telephone pole wind up in the middle of a driveway? Is this some Aussie town planner's version of sadism?


Anonymous said...

Watching for ten minutes is kind of cruel. I only watched a person try to turn left into US traffic for 4 minutes before abandoning my vehicle to tell him to scoot over and then made the turn for him.

Granted, he was in my way, but I’d still go get that person out of their driveway after no more than five minutes.