Sunday, January 17, 2016

Woman almost fell into dog poo at bus stop

A woman from Royston, Hertfordshire, has spoken of her disgust after being confronted by a carpet of dog poo.

Lynsey Langdon almost fell into the mess when she walked past a bus stop on Monday morning. She said: “It looked like a horse had done it. It’s terrible.

“What if a child was there and fell in it? I’m a dog owner myself, but I take responsibility for my dog, she’s a working cocker and she goes on really good walks, but I don’t let her off the lead on the Heath.

“I think there is a problem with some people not controlling their dogs in general. People think they can get away with it – I’ve seen people checking that no one is about then walking away from their dog’s mess.”


Barbwire said...

I'm a dog sitter, so I'm out walking dogs quite often. In my experience, it's usually men who don't pick up the poop. I guess they feel it's beneath them...

Anonymous said...

Slow news day, for sure.