Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Would-be thief's attempt to dispose of stolen safe in lake thwarted by ice

Police in southern Denmark have said that a would-be thief who attempted to dispose of a stolen safe in a lake was foiled due to the lake being frozen over.

South Jutland Police said they are investigating how a safe ended up on a frozen lake in Esbjerg but have a pretty good clue of where to start looking.

“Within the past 24 hours we had a break-in in which a safe similar to that was stolen, but it is still uncertain if the one out on the ice is it,” spokesman Claus Skovgaard said.

The safe was spotted on the frozen lake by a resident on Sunday who tipped off the police. Police wrote on Twitter that whoever attempted to throw the safe into the lake wasn’t able to open it up to get inside. “Ugh, first a struggle to steal the safe, then it can’t be opened and then when it’s dumped in the lake, the water was firm,” police wrote.

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