Saturday, February 27, 2016

Bullet-proof sofas and chairs target safety fears

A Scottish company has designed bullet resistant furniture aimed at the market for home and public security. Osdin Shield, who are based in Glasgow, said the sofas and chairs were meant to save lives, because "gun attacks can happen anywhere".

The company said the range should help protect against 9mm handguns, sub machine guns and shotguns. As well as domestic customers it hopes to tap into markets including hotels, embassies and government buildings.

A spokesman said: "As you can appreciate there are many threats in the world today, so to protect you and the general public we use bullet resistant technology in our furniture to try and secure the wellbeing of clients."

Osdin said the material used was hidden from view, within the carcass of the furniture. The furniture, which has not yet gone into production, will cost up to £10,000. A range of ballistic test standards the range aims to meet includes weapons such as 44 Magnums, high powered rifles and AK47s.


Ratz said...

There's a vulture to prey on just about anything these days.

Barbwire said...

It seems to me it would make more sense here in the gun-crazy U.S. than is relatively sane Scotland.

Anonymous said...

Drug kingpins the world over may now rejoice.