Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dog that spent life chained to wheelbarrow has a new home

A dog that spent her life chained to a wheelbarrow in a derelict building in Cyprus has been given a new home in England.

Binky the fluffy crossbreed was rescued by Valerie Lewis and brought over to Coventry. At first the four-year-old was a bag of bones and her fur was so matted you couldn’t see her head or tail and her naturally cream-coloured coat was so filthy it was dark brown.

Ms Lewis said: "I saw her and I was just moved and I wanted to give her a good home. Binky is adorable, she’s so soft and loving and friendly. She’s just a happy little dog. She’s so cuddly, I love her! She’s a real snuggle bunny.

"She settled into her new home really, really quickly. Within a couple of days you would never have known she’d had the experience she had. Rescue dogs seem so grateful to have a comfortable home."

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