Tuesday, February 02, 2016

Dutch security services are training eagles to prevent potentially deadly drone attacks

Dutch security services are preparing for terrorist attacks that may use drones.

Drones could potentially be used to carry bombs, toxic gases or biological weapons that could then be dropped onto people or buildings.

To prevent attacks by drones the police and the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism (NCTb) are training eagles that can pluck them out of the air. They are working with a company called Guard from Above, which is a raptor training firm in Denmark.

YouTube link.

The eagles are able to instinctively grab the offending drones out of the sky and automatically take them to a safe area away from people. The eagle handlers then trade the drones for a treat that the eagles can eat.


Ratz said...

I hope the eagles don't lose a toe in the blades.

Hught said...

I would think there is a better solution.

I personally think very little good is going to come from these drones.

A few weeks ago I was in a Mall up in Dayton, OH and they had a store that only sold drones.