Saturday, February 27, 2016

Woman banned from sitting on the ground after making eye contact with passers-by

A woman caught “making eye contact” with passers-by has been banned from sitting on the ground in Ilford, north-east of London.

The ban was imposed after police considered the act to be a form of begging. Ch Insp John Fish said police were cracking down on begging in the town centre.

They are targeting individuals by collecting evidence and issuing Criminal Behaviour Orders (CBOs) against them.

Speaking at last week’s Redbridge local forum, he said: “One woman wasn’t holding a sign or holding out her hand, but making eye contact. We filmed her and got a CBO banning her from sitting on the floor.”

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Gareth said...

Making eue contact is begging? This is the sort of police behaviour you get when you have a Tory government. There's no way this should stand up in court.