Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Hero on horseback helped woman get her purse back after it was snatched by thief

A woman shopping in the Northridge neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California, was surprised when a man ran past her and swiped her handbag.

But she was in for even more of a surprise when a man on horseback saw what happened and chased after the thief. A man on a steed doing a great deed. Like something out of a Hollywood movie.

The incident took place on Friday evening at the busy Fashion Center Mall. According to the LAPD it was in the parking structure at the mall when the woman said she was walking back to her car when suddenly her purse was ripped from her clutches. Police said at the same time, a man was riding his horse on a busy street adjacent to the parking facility.

He apparently heard the woman screaming that her purse had just been stolen. Police said the unknown horseman chased the suspect around the mall and finally cornered him. He then returned the purse to its rightful owner in front of the Sears store. Police said the thief ultimately got away but nothing was missing from the purse.

With news video.

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