Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Police officer taken for free ride on bonnet of taxi

A taxi driver suspected of using a fake licence plate, tried to flee from two police officers, but ended up taking one of them for a free ride as an officer clung to the bonnet of the taxi.

The taxi driver was filling up at a petrol station this week in Tianjin Municipality of North China when he was stopped by the two officers as he tried to pull away.

One officer opened the door to the taxi while the other was in front of the vehicle blocking its path. Or so the officer thought. As the officers investigated, they’re seen talking to the driver for a short time.

YouTube link.

The taxi driver then tried to flee, but one of the officers jumped on the bonnet of the car. Another traffic camera caught the officer still clinging to the bonnet of the vehicle as the taxi drove down the street. Eventually police stopped and arrested the fleeing taxi driver.

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