Saturday, March 19, 2016

Inquisitive two-year-old boy rescued after getting stuck in washing machine

A two-year-old boy got stuck in washing machine while he was playing in his house and his mother was engaged in some household work.

Soon after the child was spotted missing on Wednesday, his mother started searching for him and saw him inside the newly purchased washing machine at their home in Gulbarga district of Karnataka, India.

The incident took place when the child, who was playing on the table placed near the washing machine, tried to peep into the machine and fell into it. Unable to pull the child out by herself, the woman rushed outside and called for help.

YouTube link. Alternative Twitter video.

Neighbours then arrived to help. Also unable to pull the child out, they brought tools and cut the machine into pieces to rescue him. After numerous attempts, the little boy was saved unhurt after about 30 minutes.

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