Saturday, March 19, 2016

Police officers rescued miniature horse stuck in cattle grid

Deputies from the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office found themselves making an unusual rescue early on Wednesday morning. A miniature horse somehow got herself stuck in a cattle grid built into a road outside Clarkdale, Arizona.

It was still dark, so drivers were apparently having a hard time seeing the horse. Enlisting the help of a ranch hand and neighbour in the area, YCSO deputies worked to free the little horse.

Although the use of a tractor was considered to help lift the animal, they decided to attempt lifting her out by hand, using straps placed under her mid-section. Luckily, the effort was a success.

Rescuers learned her name was "Coffee" and that she lived on a ranch in the area. The ranch hand returned her to a secure area on the ranch. A large-animal vet arrived a short time later to check on Coffee’s injury. Coffee had a minor flesh wound on one of her legs, apparently caused when she fell into the grid. But otherwise, she was fine.


Ratz said...

I used to work with someone who lived on a sheep farm, one of the buggers had learned to cross the cattle grid by lying down and rolling across it. It'd also frequently be found wandering around on top of the dry stone walls. They were so impressed with it year on year it was the only one they didn't sell.

Amy said...

The article didn't report that in addition to the graze (ahem) on her knee, she also had a cold. This is to be expected as she's just a little horse.