Sunday, March 06, 2016

Lucky dog escaped to safety from raging river

A little dog's quest to survive floodwaters in Peru was filmed by onlookers watching in hope on the banks of a raging river.

The dog was almost swept away in the swollen River Chili after days of heavy rain brought torrents of destruction across the country. Stuck on a rock in the river, the dog took its chances in the waters that quickly began to carry it tumbling away.

The dog swam to several safe spots, resting a moment each time before setting off again in the El Nino induced floodwaters. When the courageous canine managed to reach the safety of the riverbank it was scooped up by taxi driver Jose Luis Coagulia.

YouTube link.

"Any life is like a human being's life," Mr Coagulia said. "No-one would want to see that little dog vanish." It is the heaviest rain the country has seen in nearly two decades, with more than 5,000 people left homeless and millions of dollars in damage.

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