Sunday, March 06, 2016

Man's lamb saved from the chop after his teenage son had swapped it for cocaine

A drug dealer in San Benedetto dei Marzi, Lazio, Italy, has been arrested after swapping cocaine for a live lamb. A local teenager reportedly approached the dealer, offering him the five kilogramme animal, which he had stolen from his father's farm, in exchange for one gram of cocaine.

According to the drug dealer's lawyer his client was forced to accept the offer due to his perilous living conditions, which had left him desperately in need of food. “My client was so in need of something to eat that he was ready to swap drugs for a lamb,” the lawyer said.

“In all my time as a lawyer I've never seen anything like it.” Unfortunately for the drug dealer, the teenager's father had notified the authorities that one of his lambs had been rustled. Local police then searched the house of the man and found the confused ovine in his dwelling.

They also allegedly found significant quantities of illegal substances and a laptop that had been reported stolen. According to the lawyer, police arrived just in the nick of time to save the lamb from the chop. “He was just preparing to slaughter it when police arrived,” he said.

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Ratz said...

A levitating lamb! That's.. a somewhat disturbing picture.