Sunday, March 20, 2016

Police found heroin after suspect whispered 'I don't think they found all the stuff in the car'

State troopers in Massachusetts missed hundreds of baggies filled with heroin during their first search of a car they stopped in Hatfield, according to court documents. On Feb. 17, Massachusetts State Police arrested Jordan Johnson, 26, of Woodsville, N.H.; Ethan Richards, 26, of Woodsville, N.H., and Carrie Tutsock, 24, of Haverhill N.H. after searching a car, owned by Tutsock, that was pulled over for travelling at 11 mph above the speed limit.

After spotting a crack pipe sitting on the front passenger's thigh, troopers searched the vehicle and found two additional crack pipes, several baggies of heroin and crack cocaine, and a digital scale with heroin residue on it, police reports said. Hypodermic needles were also found on the car's floor. Tutsock told police that she and the two men had just bought heroin and they were heading home to New Hampshire. None of the three suspects would say where, or from whom, they bought the drugs.

While transporting the suspects from state police barracks in Northampton to the Hampshire County Jail & House of Corrections, troopers allegedly heard Tutsock turn to Johnson and Richards and whisper, "I don't think they found all the stuff in the car." Shortly after, detectives returned to the car in question to conduct a second search, police reports said. Police came across a sealed Coca Cola can containing 230 baggies of heroin labelled "Alpha" on the car's floor police said.

Troopers also discovered three digital scales with white powder on them inside the trunk's spare tyre compartment. Troopers said the soda can is known as a "hide," which is used to conceal drugs, court documents said. Johnson, Tutsock and Richards were arraigned in Northampton District Court on Thursday and were each charged with possession with the intent to distribute a Class A drug. They are due back in court on May 4.

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"pulled over for travelling at 11 mph above the speed limit."

What MORON exceeds the speed limit whilst transporting contraband?

None. No MORON would do this. These people were IDIOTS.

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