Sunday, March 20, 2016

Police investigation determined that squirrel broke into home and turned on the television

A squirrel is being blamed for causing a breaking and entering investigation by police in Port Hope, Ontario, Canada.

The town's police service were called on Thursday evening to a property after the caretaker discovered what she thought was a break-in.

The living quarters were in disarray, lamps were knocked over, picture frames lay on the floor, and the television was on.

An investigation revealed the culprit was a squirrel that had got into the home via the chimney, and ran through the residence, stepping on the remote control that turned on the television. Port Hope police officers ruled the breaking and entering to be unfounded.


Anonymous said...

C'mon Arbroath, what's your secret? How the heck did you get a photo to match the story content?

Did you really just google "Squirrel on TV remote"?


arbroath said...


I did try as you suggested, but was unsuccessful.

I can't remember what I eventually searched for to find this photo.

Barbwire said...

You are a magician when it comes to finding photos.