Thursday, March 24, 2016

Puppy rescued by firefighters after getting paw stuck in bathtub plughole

The Fort Erie Fire Department in Ontario, Canada, received an unusual call for assistance on Monday when a resident reported that their puppy had become wedged in the plughole of the bathtub and couldn't wiggle himself free.

The Yorkshire Terrier puppy was being bathed by its owner when the animal's paw inadvertently found itself lodged in the drain pipe. The fire department arrived on the scene and subsequently called for assistance from the Fort Erie SPCA.

They administered a sedative to the frightened puppy to help make the removal process go smoother. With the dog relaxed, Fort Erie firefighters carefully cut out the internal components of the drainpipe and removed the dog's leg about an hour after the incident began.

The puppy was checked by the SPCA and given the all-clear, with no injuries sustained during the incident. The fire department and the SPCA would both like to remind dog owners to practise safety first when giving dogs, especially those with smaller, plughole-sized paws, a bath.

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