Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Altercation between a chicken and a marten blamed for traffic accident

A struggle between a chicken and a marten on a rain-slicked highway near Ketchikan, Alaska, led to a car accident on Saturday, but no one was seriously injured, State Troopers reported.

Troopers, along with Alaska Wildlife Troopers and members of the North Tongass Volunteer Fire Department, responded to the site of the crash, at Mile 10 of the North Tongass Highway, at 11:50am. Witnesses reported that the marten, a carnivorous member of the weasel family, was “fighting/dragging a chicken across the southbound lane” on a bend in the road.

Myrna Losquadro, 75, of Ketchikan, was driving a Honda Civic southbound on the highway when she rounded the bend and hit the brakes in an attempt to avoid colliding with the animals, according to troopers. Burton Morrison, 47, was also driving southbound with two passengers in a Dodge Truck and tried to avoid Losquardo's vehicle as he rounded the same bend.

“Due to heavy rain at the time, Morrison’s vehicle slid on the wet roadway and rear-ended Losquadro’s vehicle,” troopers said. His 21-year-old passenger was taken to a local hospital to be evaluated. No other injuries were reported. Troopers did not say what became of the chicken or marten.

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