Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Dog had lucky escape after its lead became trapped between lift doors

A dog narrowly avoided a horrible hanging death after its lead became caught between the doors of an elevator.

The animal was dragged upwards and suspended in mid-air when the lift started to move, leaving it kicking and struggling to breathe.

Fortunately, the lead broke away from the doors before the dog was hanged and it was sent toppling to the floor.

LiveLeak link. Alternative YouTube Russian news video.

CCTV cameras inside the lift in St Petersburg, Russia, captured the whole, harrowing incident.


Anonymous said...

Russia? That explains a lot. Some people just don't think. I've seen mothers with prams put the pram on the road while they wait for the light to change. Never giving a thought to any cars pulling up to the curb. Same with dogs on a leash, they're too busy thinking of themselves to think about the animal. Glad the dog was okay.

DeSelby said...

Highly irresponsible. On so many levels.